If you’re running a coaching or consulting business, then you have clients, and not just clients but prospective clients, people you met at conferences, potential joint venture partners, suppliers, vendors, and the list goes on!

That is a lot of information to keep track of. How are you doing it? Do you have everyone in your email contacts, and take notes on a Word doc when in a meeting? Or in a notebook? How do you manage the huge influx of information that comes into your business from all the people you deal with, talk to and work with and… Continue reading

Short and sweet today, folks. You know I’m a geek. That means that I *live* in this technology place. And I don’t want to forget what people who *don’t* live here need. So I’m asking *you*.

What do you need? Could you do me the favor of filling out my short 3 question survey letting me know what I can help you with? I’d really appreciate it. You can fill it out here: http://revenuereboot.com/tao-of-technology-survey

This survey will help me to write articles that address your needs! I am working on a series of teleseminars that will be all about… Continue reading

figurewithbubblesoverheadHashtags were created by Twitter. When you type a # sign followed by a word or phrase (no spaces or punctuation is allowed), Twitter will turn that into a searchable link that people can use to find more information about that trend, event or item. Be aware that the @ symbol (you’ve seen this before in Twitter and Facebook too) is *not* a hashtag. That is used to ‘ping’ someone, which is to notify a person or company (whatever their Twitter name is) of your Tweet. So putting @RevenueReboot would notify my Twitter feed that a mention was made.

So… Continue reading

We’re taking a break from the social media stuff, but I’ll return next week with a new article on hashtags and how to use them in your business.

As I sit here writing this on my laptop, I think about how our world has changed, and how business has to change with it. How everyone I know has a smartphone, or tablet, or e-reader, or all three.

I look around, and I have my laptop, a tablet, a tablet PC, my iPhone and my Kindle Fire. They all can access the internet and let me surf or research.

Let me… Continue reading

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