Twitter is the social media equivalent of a party, that networking event where everyone is circulating with a drink, having short conversations with each other. Some are eating the yummy snacks, others are getting another drink, and still others are lurking in the corners and near the walls, watching and listening, but not interacting much.

There are all kinds of people and businesses on Twitter. How much you use it, and how useful it will be to your business depends on whether your target market spends time there. I’ve included some demographics here to give you some ideas of who you can find on Twitter.

So what is Twitter? It is all about creating a conversation, in small, manageable bites.

A Tweet is a 140 character or less post that gets an idea, suggestion, link or comment out there quickly. When you set up a business account on Twitter, find and follow some people or companies who complement your business, get some dialog going. This will create your ‘feed’, sort of like your Facebook feed, where what you say and what those you follow say.

You can also ‘retweet’ tweets made by others. Say you see an interesting comment by one of the accounts you follow. You can click ‘reply’ and comment on someone else’s tweet. Or you can create a tweet of your own and mention that other person or company by putting the @ symbol in front of their account name. So if you were mentioning me, you could put it out there like this: I love the great info I got from @RevenueReboot on using social media in my business! That will notify me, and others can follow that link back to my Twitter account.

You can use hashtags, which are a word or phrase (no spaces) that represent a concept/idea or an event or other significant thing. For example, I like to use #Techaintscary for my Twitter, since I work with companies to help them get past tech confusion and learn to use it effectively. Whenever you use a hashtag, you then can track who is using it by clicking on the hashtag in Twitter to see who else is using it. Another hashtag resource is Twubs  where you can sign up for a free account, connect it to your Twitter, and create hashtags there that you can advertise on your site or in other social media (like Facebook) to create a trend or ‘buzz’ around your hashtags’ subject. You can even get the code for a feed that shows all the tweets that feature your hashtag that you can show on your website!

Twitter is everywhere on the internet world. If you haven’t already, you can download Twitter for your smartphone or tablet in the Apple Apps store, or Google Play, or the Windows store and install it so you can Tweet (or read other’s Tweets) on your other platforms.

Now you’ve got two social media platforms in your arsenal, you’ll might want a way to make it easier to keep up with posting to them. I recommend HootSuite to help you manage your platforms. It will let you set up your social media accounts all in one space so you can set up, schedule and create posts on multiple platforms and keep track of what you are doing, and where. And HootSuite is also available on both desktop and tablet/smartphone platforms, so you can take it anywhere.

See you next week!

I love how much technology can expand your reach as a small business. If you’re wondering how you can use the digital world to expand your business world, let’s talk! Request a consultation with me and we’ll explore how you can be a small business with a big reach!



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