I’ll bet you have a computer (I know this because of my brilliant mind-reading powers and the fact that you’re reading this, LOL). And if you do, and you haven’t had a hard drive crash yet, then Be Afraid.

Because you will. Almost guaranteed.

Are you protecting your files? Do you have a fallback for when (not if) your hard drive crashes so you don’t lose EVERYTHING?

27101202_sThis just happened to one of my clients. Her drive crashed. Hard. And she lost a lot of data, years of pictures, and a ton of other stuff.

And the recovery people couldn’t rescue it for her.

It’s happened to me. Several times.

Don’t let it happen to you.

The information you keep on your computer is only as safe as your preparations make it.

And if you really want to be safe, you have to back up the information.

In the Old Days (this would be 4 or 5 years ago, LOL), we had to use CD’s, backup drives and other clunky tools.

Now we have low-cost external drives, and ‘cloud’ storage.
External drives are just that: hard drives that come in their own little box that you can plug into your computer and copy your precious information to. This not only lets you back up your stuff, protecting you from future computer crashes, but you can take your portable drive (and the info on it) with you when you travel, meaning that even without your computer, you can get to it if you need to and have access to a computer. One that I can recommend is this Western Digital 1 terabyte drive: http://amzn.to/UzoDol . It will hold your entire stash of stuff on your computer, and help you keep it safe.

Your other option is ‘cloud’ storage. What this means is you can rent space to store things on someone *elses* computer, one that is set up with power back up and drive back up, giving you a ‘safety net’ for your information.

Places you can obtain cloud storage:

14846799_sDropboxhttp://www.dropbox.com – Dropbox is one of the best known free cloud storage systems. One of its major advantages is that it offers clients and apps specifically designed for Linux and Blackberry systems as well as for Apple products and Android, so you’ll be able to use it no matter what kind of computer, tablet or phone you have.

Google Drivehttp://drive.google.com – Google Drive comes with a particularly generous 15GB of cloud storage when you link a Google (Gmail) account to it.

OneDrivehttps://onedrive.live.com/about/en-us/ – This is Microsoft’s cloud storage service previously known as SkyDrive. One key difference of this cloud storage service is the social media integration OneDrive features, which is ideal for file sharing between colleagues across platforms and devices. It also directly integrates with Office 2013, perhaps the single most popular piece of business software on the market.

Box http://www.box.com – This service has been around even longer than Dropbox, originating in 2005. Most people are less familiar with Box. The big advantage of Box is the ability to access and use the incredibly wide range of productivity-enhancing applications that have been developed for the platform over the years in support of the company’s corporate accounts.

iCloudhttp://www.icloud.com – For fans of Apple devices, the iCloud solution may make good sense. One of the biggest drawbacks of iCloud is that it doesn’t feature drag and drop functionality, nor can you back up photos from Android or Windows phones and tablets. Files can be accessed via a PC once Apple’s Control Panel has been downloaded, but that’s about it. It does have impressive integration with Apple’s iWork office suite, and iPad and iPhone apps typically automatically interface with the platform as well.

Firedrivehttp://www.firedrive.com – Firedrive.com gives you an *immense* 50 gigabytes of free space, nearly 3x a fully-upgraded Dropbox account (and few people offer up enough referrals to Dropbox to bump their usage limits this high). In addition to the high storage space, Firedrive offers the same functionality of the other choices and adds social integration.

Get your computer information safe now. Get a backup drive, sign up for cloud storage, but *do* something, *before* your computer crashes.

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