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Twitter is the social media equivalent of a party, that networking event where everyone is circulating with a drink, having short conversations with each other. Some are eating the yummy snacks, others are getting another drink, and still others are lurking in the corners and near the walls, watching and listening, but not interacting much.

There are all kinds of people and businesses on Twitter. How much you use it, and how useful it will be to your business depends on whether your target market spends time there. I’ve included some demographics here to give you some ideas of who… Continue reading

Social media is everywhere these days. We have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. There is Pinterest, and Instagram, Hubspot and Google+. Wikipedia shows 213 active social media sites at this time. And the landscape is always changing.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and spread yourself so thin that you can’t keep up. I know people that maintain a presence on 10 or even 15 sites, and my first thought is always, ‘When do they find time to run their businesses?’

The answer is, they don’t. They spend their time updating their status, posting pictures, setting up boards, or surfing other people’s… Continue reading

Tell me what to doIf you’re a small business owner, you probably built (or had built for you) a website and Facebook page. Maybe a Twitter account too. You sweated over what to say, how it should look, and have changed your logo and colors a dozen times.

Finally, *finally*, you get it launched. You flip the switch, turn it on and wait for the customers to come flooding in.

And wait.

And wait.

Why aren’t you getting tons of clients flocking to your website or Facebook page? You hit up all your Facebook friends, and asked them to ‘like’ your page.… Continue reading


Carnegie Hall – the end all for performers

Practice, practice, practice! This is the old joke. But you know, the thing is that your message, the things you say to your target audience gets better with it. The more you write to them, the better you get.

This is why you should consistently communicate with your target audience on your list, on your blog, and on your social media.

Practice. And consistency.


So I decided that I was going to do this whole hog, be all in to get my message to say what I mean.

I’ve heard from… Continue reading

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