I'm attending Social Media Success Summit!

I’m a geek, through and through. Top to bottom. And because I work with people who need people like me, I have to stay up on what is happening out there in cyberspace. Because, dude, it moves at *lightspeed*. The things that worked great 2 years or even a year ago on social media are Old News today, and that can make the different between helping my clients to get things moving, and helping them to make *MASSIVE* change and make lots more sales.

I’m all about lots more sales for my clients.

So I’ll be attending this online (Yes, I said ONLINE) summit to find out all the new and most awesome approaches to social media strategy out there today.

The summit will have some of the top people in the industry, and it is offered in nifty little 45 minute segments, so you won’t get buried under super long overwhelming sessions. Best of all, the attendees get *all* the session transcripts, plus mp3 (audio) downloads of all sessions and online replays, plus access to their interactive LinkedIn Networking group. Super awesome, because I’m very sure I won’t be able to make every session, and wouldn’t be able to take notes fast enough anyway!!

Want to go too? Well, they are offering a huge discount until September 5, 2014. Click the picture up there, or go to http://bit.ly/1nU0m4L and get your ticket now. Don’t worry if you get buried, you can always request a consult with me to help you get things put together and working. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure this is worth the price of admission in all the great tools it will offer to help you grow with social media!

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