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Is this you?

For many people, especially many of today’s solopreneurs, technology is a dirty word. And it makes them a little crazy when they try to use online tools (and even offline tools) to grow their businesses.

Just putting up a website or blog can be a big PIA (pain in the ass).

I hear about it every time I go to a business conference, or attend a meeting, or surf LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any of the the many resources out there for sharing information online.

They have trouble with their websites, with their Facebook page, with their LinkedIn profile. They are frustrated with trying to get traffic, bring in leads and make connections to grow their businesses.

I feel your pain. It’s a little nuts out there these days. And with new tools coming out every day it seems, you just want to tear out your hair sometimes!

Well, I’m here to tell you, Tech Ain’t Scary. Or at least it doesn’t have to be!

Technology is a tool, just like your planner, your email, a pencil and paper. And with the right plan, and the right execution, it can Funny young brunette womanbe a powerful tool. A tool that can change your life.

I train and consult with people to figure out:

  • What they want to achieve with their tech
  • What technology they need to do the job
  • How to create a plan to use that technology so it isn’t overwhelming
  • How to find the right people to do the work that you shouldn’t have to do (because you’re building your business!)

If you could increase targeted people (your tribe) to your online marketing empire, bring them to a place where they get valuable content, learn how you can help them, and then ask them to contact you (or buy your product or service), how much more business could you do? How much would your revenues increase?

‘Well sure’, you say ‘Everyone wants *that*’. So why you, Vicky?

I’m so glad you asked! Let me start by saying I’m not just a geek. I’m a *marketing* geek. I speak people, unlike pure geeks. Because my background and training is in sales and marketing. So I took my obsession,  technology, and figured out how to wrap it up in sales and marketing so I can help small businesses create a powerful, ever-filling digital marketing machine that will drive their business to the next level.

I have played with technology all my adult life, starting with mainframes and the first PC’s in college (Wizardry! and Zork!), since the early 80’s. So I guess you could say I am a geek. I was a geek when it was an insult.

I cursed at Cobol, puttered around with Pascal, and futzed with Fortran. I learned a lot. Then after college, I got a job selling computers, because my real love is marketing. And along the way, designing computer systems for places like Arby’s, Dominos (yes, I ate a lot of pizza and fries), Michigan National Bank, and other large companies, I learned how to program them, use their software and fix them.

But that wasn’t enough. I wanted to *market*. I wanted to see businesses grow using technology. But the world wasn’t there yet. Not quite.

Then along came Compuserve, and the ARPAnet. The baby version of what we now know as the internet. And I was in research heaven. I learned, talked to people around the globe, and ran up my father-in-law’s access bill terribly. Thank goodness he was a forgiving man!

Then along came the internet. (The World Before Google). And I learned how to create websites, by researching on how to make honey wine (what, you say?), yes, wine made from honey. And from that research and keeping track of notes, was born.  And life was good. Over the last 20 years, that website has grown from a single page to over 2500 pages, reaching over 85,000 people a month (over 4.5 MILLION hits, every month), and 24 countries.

And it’s increased readership every month for nearly 20 years. Not too shabby for a hobby site.  Even though I haven’t had the opportunity to update it lately, as I work with clients to help them build *their* empires. Why? Because it provides valuable content and people *like* it. It isn’t about selling, it’s about being *interesting*, about providing great info. And while doing that, it has provided me with a steady income for a decade and a half now.

zencomputerwoman-blogAlong the way, I discovered that what I love best is helping others to create their online empire, to help the increase their targeted traffic, blow their revenue sky-high and show them how ‘Tech Ain’t Scary’.

So what do you say? Want to build *your* empire? Want to have that TechZen? Create long-term growth and interest in what you do? Want to talk about it? You can schedule a Technology Breakthrough Session with me now!




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