headshot-xsmallI started out writing (and re-writing) this page, trying to be all geeky and real at the same time. But here’s the thing, I’m not trying to be anything, just to be me. And do what I love most, helping others to have a better business and life through using the best technology.

I’m a mom. I’m a wife. I’m owned by dogs (6 of them). I live in the woods on a crappy dirt road (cue the Foxworthy “You might be a Redneck if……directions to your house include ‘turn off the paved road’,” and do it in a Southern accent — it sounds much cooler that way) with my hubby, who has been my other half since 1983. And I’m a geek.

That’s me, at the coaching conference where my life got changed.

vickyMy hobbies are dressing up in funny clothes. No, really!! I do living history, giving wine and beer-making demonstrations as a ‘brewmistress’ in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries with Historic Interpretations, the occasional hang out at local historical sites with friends who also like to dress up in funny clothes, and I am a Civil War skirmisher. No, not a re-enactor. We use real bullets and cannon balls. Seriously. We honor the memory and sacrifice of those who fought the War Between the States alive through live fire competition in full uniform with replica (and sometimes original) weapons used during the American Civil War. Movie companies (pretty much every Civil War movie in the last 30 years) come to our events to record the sounds of the War (without, of course, the actual soldiers). Seeing (and hearing) over a dozen cannons firing at targets simultaneously has to be seen (and felt – the ground moves, I’m not kidding) to be believed.

And I’m a member of the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachorism, an entire *world* of people who like to dress funny, and learn long-dead skills and live in the past (in a good way).

My closet has more period clothing than it has modern clothing! (You’ll notice no computers in any of this, LOL). Well, I did do the webpage for the skirmishing site.

And my biggest hobby, making honey wine. Mead. Possibly the oldest alcoholic drink on the planet. I actually learned how to write websites and do internet marketing on my hobby site Got Mead? Got Mead? Is the biggest site in the world for honey wine, and over 100,000 people a month stop by to learn more. Not only is this my favorite hobby, it is a huge part of how I created myself on the internet, and where I cut my teeth as a marketing and business building expert. This was my sandbox.

And that up there is me as the MeadWench, head of my site, and also some of those ‘funny looking clothes’ I was talking about.

I’m perpetually fascinated by technology. A certified (or perhaps certifiable) technogeek. I love new tools and toys, and am forever finding new ways to do things. Sometimes to the sorrow of my team, who would like me to stop playing around and just get my projects done!

Over the years since discovering computers (the first PC!) in college, I’ve seen the automation industry grow and change. And I knew early on that I had found my world. I love how computers and the electronic world can actually be used to *help* us live better lives (and make more money) in the Real World (IRW to geeky types).

A while back, a friend (a life coach) told me that I should be a coach. I thought he was nuts. But since he was a friend, I checked it out, because hey, you never know, right? And I was kind of burned on writing web sites, and needed some change.

What I didn’t realize was that he’d pointed me to something that would change my life forever.

I went to coaching school. Two of them, actually. And I learned to be, of all things, a health coach. And had a lot of fun and made some pretty good money as a health coach.  Coaching is *awesome*. And the rush of helping another person to make strides towards their goals is heady stuff.

But it wasn’t enough. The money was fine, but I felt like I was missing something still.

victoriaandmeAnother friend (a fellow health coach), pointed out that I was a really good technology marketer, that I had a real knack for explaining it, and making it friendly and approachable. That I should do that, because I was good at it.

That is she and I at that coaching conference. She’s great.

But I resisted. I was done with all that, I insisted.

An idea began to form.

What if………………I *combined* my technology, marketing, internet marketing *and* my coaching skills?

What if…….I helped people find their own best path, and then helped them use technology to get them there?

My friend thought that was a grand idea, and in fact, had been what she was pushing all along. And being who she was, she pushed me. Hard. For a year.

Because she believed.

But, I’m stubborn, so for a year, I resisted. Finally, I got a clue, and realized that I was denying one of the best parts of myself, my love of technology and all the things it can do for us, personally and professionally.

So I gave in, and Revenue Reboot was born.

And here I am, coaching and consulting with my clients, helping them create their best business, and then helping them create the *structure* and *foundation* to level up their business, free up time to *live* and let technology give them reach and capabilities they couldn’t have as a small business owner, even 15 years ago.

I love coaching. I love how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel, knowing that what I’m doing has helped people create more in their lives and businesses.

I want to change the world, one small business at a time.

I want to give the power back to the *real* movers and shakers in this country, the small business owners.

I want to give *you* the strategy, tools and techniques you need to create a powerful, far reaching, *amazing* business that lets *you* be all *you* can be.

And in doing that, I’ll help more people help more people, so much more than I ever could have done before. And so much more than I could have done as just a web designer. Now, I have a plan. And I want to help you have one too.

You can get in touch with me anytime at vicky@revenuereboot.com.

And I’d love to be able to give you some of the things I’ve discovered over my life, ways to use the technology that is all around us to help you out.

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